Silk Screen Printing

Silkscreen printing’s distinctiveness is its long usage and suitability for large work scales, POP & POSM advertising material such as awnings, Japanese flags, bunting flags, posters, and more.

Inkjet Printing

Inkjet printing is the perfect solution for high definition and colorful tasks. With this method, a variety of surfaces and materials can be printed. It is also popular for POP & POSM advertising material and outdoor media.

Digital Offset

This method of printing caters to products that requires fine prints with vivid colours. It is suitable short-run campaigns without minimum quantity. They are used for POP & POSM advertisements such as Stickers, Tentcard, Wobbles, and more.

Sign and Installation

We are able to produce large signs and billboards with strong structures or frames. Installations are carried out by trained professionals to meet safety standards.

Decoration and Interior design

Apart from advertisement media, our Company is also an experienced consultant, designer, and installer of interior media placement and decoration within buildings, hospitals, hotels, and other establishments.



We are excellent listeners

Design, Production, and Development process

Select the materials to match our customers

Modern machinery

Real-time shipping

Expert and timely installation & dismantle services



  • With our turnkey solutions, we create excellent brand image and worthiness for our customers.
  • Our strong team offers expert services in all steps.
  • We understand our customer’s needs and work hard to satisfy that both in quantity and in quality.
  • We are honest and conduct our business ethically to maintain our customer’s confidential information.


( Point of Purchase )
P.O.P. media is the most popular among customers as it makes the product outstanding and attention-grabbing, assisting our consumers’ decision making process to purchase. Moreover, it is also able to communicate the intended message to the customers effectively and is easy to assemble.


( Point of Sale Materials )
These sales promotion media are often placed with the products to create distinctiveness and attractiveness.

Sign & Installation

At Saber Beam, we have a team of experts who can design and produce signs and installations to exceed your expectations.


With our specialists, we can provide expert point of views, design, install, and recommend methods to decorate indoor spaces such as in buildings, offices, hospitals, hotels, to other establishments for a stylish and purposeful appearance.